Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dear Darlings, Dare-doers and dastardly Dukes and Duchesses of fashion,

End of the month pre-pay day blues? Me too, t’is ruddy rubbish.Fear not Sweethearts and fellow slaves to the wage, help is at hand!
If you venture to London’s quaint Greenwich Village, and pop in to The Beehive on Creek Road you can get your Early Bird tickets for the not so princely sum of £10! Just say the magic words/ quote the reference ‘Grace Kelly’.
To be clear this offer will not be available on the door or online. Honesty is the best policy you know. Failing that, why not trot down to this Sunday’s ‘My Vintage Affair – a vintage fair’ at Oliver’s Bar in Greenwich from 12 and get your hands on your early bird tickets while picking up the perfect outfit for the ball. Two birds, one fabulous outfit and all that.

Now that's put a cherry on your ice cream sundae… talking of which, not to brag but one of our fabulous Dj’s, designer extraordinaire Julian J Smith designs were featured not once but *twice* in last week’s Grazia! And if that wasn’t enough to wet our whistle, this week, the ever alluring Jonny Demonique could be seen in action in this month’s Bizarre magazine!
To experience the pleasures of the flesh that Mister Smith and Mister Demonique provided under one roof, without the media involvment, you know what you need to do…

Looking forward to seeing you there, looking decidedly unsquare.

Cheerio! x

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Docking south of the river with us for one night only will be the Shore LeaveCrew, featuring the Shore Leave DJ's, Jonny Demonique's infamous tattooshack and Miss Amy Gwatkin’s legendary photo booth.
Disc jockeying on the night will be the dashing and dangerous Zak Mckraken playing 1920s-40s - Gypsy-Jazz-Punk, Wartime-Weimar-Jazz and Battering-Ram-Blues...
More info on the motley crew is at
Limited tickets are available at