Thursday, 24 September 2009



The good people at tell me that there are a few remaining tickets for the Grand Vintage Ball & Vintage Attire Pageant this Saturday. Why is this? Do you not want to shake your body like a horny little pony to tunes from the 20's to the 80's?Do you not want to have a vintage makeover by Nina's Hair Parlour or enter the pageant? Or is it that you're not sure about seeing the fantabulous Bourgeois & Maurice, the She Set or Julian J Smith (pictured), who'll be hot footing it across town to do a set after showing at London Fashion Week? I'm confused? Edith, put the kettle on…

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  1. Do you have a mailing list I can join, so I can be at the next one? I came across this via the Transpontine blog, two weeks too late. Looks like it was amazing!